December 2015

Countdown to Christmas

Propability, working with the Fenwick of Bond Street Visual Merchandising team developed a ‘Countdown to Christmas’ theme featuring a giant cinema style light box with chasing lights and layered graphic cut-outs around its perimeter. On either side a selection of topsy turvy tumbling giant Fenwick gift boxes were fabricated to display stock and hold mannequins. All windows were produced using the traditional Christmas colours of red, white and green.

On the exterior, an eye catching 3D giant glitter ribbon was produced with a back lit Fenwick logo and twinkling lights to frame the whole scheme beautifully. The side windows in Brook Street featured two Ferris wheel contraptions with circus style lights rotating continuously with mini carriages to hold stock. The overall effect was a beautiful composition of Christmas, an eye-catching and effective display of product with the added visual elements of lights and movement to capture the attention of passers-by.