June 2017

A fusion of great sound and style

Nothing says music like a clashing cymbal. Delighted to be invited back to Selfridges to help bring the creative concept to life for key features of the music matters theme in store. Propability created a shop floor display and a show stopping window display with cymbals as the main feature. Handling the way the concept was going to work and look impactful meant a series of brackets, fixtures, screws and fittings and - as always - high attention to detail and overall finish. We formed a series of different height tubes to attach approximately 100 cymbals to – drilling holes and carefully threading them through the tubes which were fixed to the floor. The effect -  simple yet brilliant.

In addition, Propability created a giant Xylophone for the children’s department. The giant prop was designed up according to a rough sketch and elevated into a curve with two beaters attached to the side of it. Made of ply wood it stands approximately 1.8 meter tall.