May 2018

A curving twisting clothes rail for the ultimate statement

The Selfridges Corner Shop, which recently opened as part of the Selfridges Accessories hall offers a nod to the traditional British high street shop. Propability were delighted to be involved in the overall development of a massive clothes rail that runs the length of the shop - which in its flatted state - would run 60 metres in length. The main feature of the rail forms a quirky spiral from which a central display hook allows for merchandise to be hung as a main feature and to rotate. The rail curves and twists to provide a unique feature and was produced in steel with a white gloss finish. Delivered to the store in various lengths it was joined seamlessly on site and has detachable hanging points to offer flexibility depending on the items being displayed. Four different types of specialised bespoke hangers were also manufactured in steel and bent to shape for use with the rail. In total Propability produced almost 100 hangers to display, tops, trousers, bags and other accessories.