February 2019

An immersive shop-in-shop experience with a touch of Hogwarts

This challenging yet incredible project took significant planning and design ahead of manufacture and production to ensure the look and feel for the area met the requirements of Warner Brothers and other stakeholders.  An in-store immersive experience was created which reflects the world of Harry Potter. A gothic Hogwarts staircase takes you down to the basement,  which took several site-visits and a lot of planning. Scenically painted to look like stone and clad in brickwork effect together with a 3D Harry Potter logo and vinyl printed Harry Potter crests. The cladding of the staircase had to fit perfectly around some complex existing bannister work ensuring that the bannister itself was left exposed and met health & safety requirements. Once in the basement the Hamleys Noble shop has bowed front windows for product displays (a nod to Diagon Alley) with wall bay units lit with LEDs. A beautifully crafted bespoke wand display unit is a central feature.  The till point area – perfectly completes the purchasing experience, beautifully finished in a lime-wash style scenic wood grain effect.  Propability worked across all aspects including design, build and install