July 2019

Lion King comes to life with immersive Savannah-themed in-store area

In partnership with the teams at Disney Store, Propability and sister company Flourish Trading delivered an immersive Savannah-themed area for the Oxford Street, Disney Store basement that brings the new The Lion King film to life in store. An incredibly rich shopping experience includes a soundscape, as well as an interactive photo opportunity. Life-like foliage indigenous to the Savannah frames the area – tempting shoppers through an archway and encouraging the merchandise off the shelves. In the centre a sculpted fibre-glass mound was scenically painted to look like rock and earth, and features a carved lion paw print and “Remember who you are” message – a pivotal message of the film. The customer can place their hand into the paw print as an opportunity to interact with the scheme, and post pictures on social media forums.