November 2014

Brightly coloured 1950’s Christmas delivered in style

Propability were asked to design, manufacture, deliver and install key themed areas for the ground floor of the flagship Disney Store on Oxford Street. As part of the ‘Share the Magic’ traditional Disney Christmas - based on elements from the all-store scheme, the project was to include a 1950’s style vehicle as a centre piece along with a moving Minnie Mouse sculpt. Propability also created costumes for key in store Disney character sculpts including; Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

The pinnacle of the project was Mickey’s 1950s style truck, which spared no detail - fully sculpted out and delivered with an exquisite interior. The sculpt, was hand painted with a ‘walnut’ style scenically painted glove box, real small scale steering wheel, vintage dashboard components from an old car, handmade pedals, carpeted floor and stitched leather seats. It even came with fully functional flashing lights and an ignition key!

Disney characters dressed for the occasion with Minnie in full glory

The truck was made from fibre-glass with the exterior sprayed, hand-painted and gloss lacquered to a high shine. The wheels were also hand-painted and given a 1950s style white stripe around the hub. To top it off, Minnie in full glory was positioned to rotate as a centre piece on top of a ‘present box’.

The truck was made to optimize product display.  Both the side and back end flaps were created in order to be fixed in an ‘up’ position to create a ‘dump-bin’ style product area or in a horizontal ‘down’ position to create more product shelf space. As always, customer safety was front of mind - Propability carpenters ensured that no parts of the feature could be moved eliminating any risk of trapped fingers! The result was impressive - practical, versatile and customer-friendly.

Eye catching features for customers to pose with Disney characters

Themed costumes that involved many hours of sewing were applied over existing in-store sculpts. The best quality fabrics were used and cut specifically to fit over the complicated shapes and carefully finished. Finally, 12 giant Christmas present product ‘dump bins’ were created in different sizes from MDF with adjustable shelves inside for display purposes.

Overall, the brightly coloured 1950s traditional Disney Christmas environment for the front of the ground floor provided ample photo-opportunities and versatile product display solutions. Movement was added by the rotating Minnie and the flashing lights on the truck to catch the eye.

Additionally, Propability were also asked to mass produce 80 traditional ‘child size’ post boxes - as part of the ‘Letter to Santa’ charity campaign. Constructed out of MDF, the post boxes were manufactured with a high-gloss finish, a gold vinyl logo and a gold interchangeable frame for POS. Each box had a lockable door with an internal adjustable shelf. In total, 40 were distributed across the UK and another 40 to Europe.  The ‘Share the Magic’ initiative invites families to post their own Letter to Santa and for every letter posted, a soft toy is donated to a child through the Disney Store’s chosen national charities.