November 2013

First Disney children’s boutique outside the park environment

Propability were asked to create an exclusive unique castle environment suitable both as a vehicle for storytelling and functional as a boutique.

As a permanent environment, the exclusive interactive Children’s Boutique in Harrods was inspired by similar areas in Disney parks. It is here that young girl's and boy's dreams are transformed as they become beautiful princesses and brave knights in a fully immersive dress up experience.

An exquisite finish delivered by durable workmanship

Propability produced designs and computer generated visuals with multiple samples of specialist finishes for all elements of the area, from wall finishes, to fittings, to interactive fixtures, scenic painting and decorative ceiling detail – all to create a unique and magical beauty and dress up salon environment. All finishes were designed to the highest quality standards as well as being fire rated and  durable.

An immersive experience

The entire ‘look and feel’ of the storytelling experience was installed by Propability. Working alongside numerous other contractors and lighting specialists the secondary fit included: bespoke furniture, mirrors, decorative ceiling detailing, wall finishes, interactive fixtures, props, cabinets, trolleys, graphic backgrounds, banners, topiary, bespoke columns, backlit mock stained glass windows, soft furnishings and glass cabinets.

The entire project was delivered over six to eight weeks and installed within two to three weeks with Propability having to co-ordinate the fitting alongside a large number of other contractors. The install required long hours under high pressure due to the nature of the job and that the Propability team were the last on site due to everything else needing to be in place. Within days of install celebrities were paying over £1,000 per head for children to enjoy the experience.