February 2019

Full motion-activated vision & sound VM solution for Hot Wheels

Tasked with designing a floor fixture in the shape of a car and the dressing of a wall bay, Propabilty set about creating this awesome area and Hot Wheels sculpt with motion-activated car sounds and TV in the windscreen. Sculpted on the robotic arm a 3D file provided by Mattel was adapted in order for the car to fit in the floor area. The finished product was very high spec - fibre-glassed before being sprayed and covered with vinyl and lacquer finishes. Adjustable shelving and dump bin product areas were made with removable shelves and the ability to move the dump bin height dependant on stock levels.  Mattel Hot Wheels content plays on a loop in the windscreen.  The near-by wall bay was given a light box header to match the existing Hamleys headers in the style and colour of Hot Wheels with logos printed onto opal acrylic and lit from behind by LEDs. Wall bays also had new base plinths sprayed in Hot Wheels blue and trimmed with black rubber on the front face to maximise durability.