November 2017

Delivering Christmas sparkles and illuminations to the store  

Delivering a festive feel to the store, Propability themed and dressed the famous castle with popular characters in Christmas attire and decorated with garlands and baubles hung at various heights on the turrets together with a giant bow with twinkly lights. With one of the main windows to the store closed off with a glitter frame around the window and a twinkly bow a nest of tables in three different sizes and a couple of cylindrical shapes in glitter fabric at different heights allowed for a good supply of stock to be festively displayed. The second window was left open to the store with a brand new fixture created to house products with 360 degree access. The cake stand tiered fixture stands 2.7 meter tall with soft toys displayed on the four fixed shelves and framed in a red faux neon frame and finished with another giant, glittering, twinkly bow. A second wall base fixture instore was also made a key feature with a neon frame and twinkling bow to finish it off.