January 2014

Year of the Horse

Commissioned by an industry partner, Propability handled the production and installation of  seven near full size horse sculpts for Harrods windows, celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Horse.

The result was awe-inspiring, incredibly executed pieces of art, manufactured to anatomical precision with a high gloss lacquer finish.

Manufacturing - precision to the highest standards

The five month project and final sculpts demonstrate the full scale capabilities of the Propability craftsmen. Supplying technical drawings, poly sculpt, moulding, steel work and laser cutting  for four whole horses, three split whole horses and one mini horse to a height of 50cm - all of which were delivered in a beautiful high gloss lacquer finish.


One of the most challenging aspects of the project included working to the size restraints of the access points to the Harrods windows, with three of the final horses needing to be produced as split paired pieces that were then seamlessly joined in the actual window space. The larger full horses were designed to fit through a 570mm wide gap in the window space despite being virtually full size.

I love the displays in Harrods, and it made me kind of sad when the Christmas ones were taken down recently, leaving the windows filled with blank spaces. Thankfully, these new ones were up a few days later …. with a very definitive horsey theme, and as always they’re absolutely beautiful. Anatomically correct, too, which I really wasn’t prepared for... Neigh indeed.
— www.thelondonproject