November 2018

Propability creates two beautiful sculpts & weatherproofs one for outside the store

To mark the milestone anniversary of The Snowman, inspired by the much-adored children’s picture book and popular animated film by author and illustrator Raymond Briggs, Propability created two giant scaled up version of the Snowman - one which was weatherproofed and positioned upon the porch of Waterstones flagship store in Piccadilly. 

The outdoor Snowman was sculpted in three parts - due to the scale of the sculpt. Constructed on a 3D robotic arm in poly it has an internal steel structure for support in order for it to be weighted to the canopy on which it is installed. In all he is 2.5 meters tall by 3.2 meters wide and was coated over a week long process to ensure a thick enough covering to withstand the elements. Propability scenic artists then took over to recreate the beautiful illustrated style in 3D with an iridescent glitter lacquer applied to give a magical shimmer, alongside a final weatherproof protective coating. 

A firm family favourite for the festive season – both the young and old adore the Snowman – and thanks to Propability he now sits in pride of place to welcome shoppers into the flagship book store this Christmas