Project Manager Assistant

Propability Ltd Frances Ulph Project Manager Assistant

Accomplished art worker and creative – aiming for the top of the game!


The newest member of our team, joining Propability in 2015, Frances proved herself in a very short space of time. With a degree in Graphic Communication from Brighton, she brings a knowledge base that’s spread across graphic design, model making, production design, print, TV and film production.

Frances works across all the projects to support the Project Managers and is often relied upon for her art working and technical computer software knowledge - delivering essential aspects to the projects through her InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator skills. Trial and error, research and development, mock ups, trouble shooting and solution finding are the areas of the job she loves the best and then watching it all unfold to the final thing.

“It’s great working here. We are pretty much at the top of our game and everyone takes a sense of pride in what they do. At the same time, it’s fun, laid back and exciting. It’s big - due to the big names we work with and it’s unique due to the team and the individual expertise and knowledge. The construction side of things and techniques used are awe inspiring.”