Head Honcho


Creative Whizz – saying it like it is and meaning what he says...

A marvellous mixture of creativity, integrity and ingenuity – this is a man with vision. His character and honesty shines through the ranks of Propability - from the head down there are glimmering sparkles of Tyrone’s friendly nature across every project.

“Other companies will do the perimeter surround stuff, Propability does THE SPECIALS” 

Starting his career with a degree in Graphic Design, specialising in Stop Motion Animation and Model Making he has not ventured far from his heart and true passion – in his own words – making stuff!  However, with 20 years of high end international retail, fashion, design and event experience under his belt, Tyrone has worked on both sides of the fence – internally at major department stores in various Display roles as well as agency side prior to setting up Propability.

He is one of the Visual Merchandising industry's creative leaders, having learnt every step-of-the-way from the ground up. Both adaptable and investigative – if there is a will, Tyrone will find a way, with an entrepreneurial spirit, he takes a flexible approach and with alternative solutions he’ll turn any creative vision to life.

For me, its integrity and honesty that has to stand out on top of everything else when seated around the meeting table. Sure, I bring creative ideas to the mix – that’s why I’m in this business, I make stuff…. But it’s the knowledge of the components and the production side that is absolutely essential. It’s not a question of being a yes man – it’s a question of engaging with our partners to achieve the best solution from the very first step. This means we actually can deliver on what we promise!

I think this is what sets us aside from some of the other agencies in the display industry…