Managing Director

Propability Ltd Suzanne Cano, Managing Director, Fashion, Retail, Visual Merchandise, Visual Display, Manufacturing Expert, Design 458.jpg

Fashionista, Designer, Creative and damn right Lovely Lady!

As the saying goes, behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman and Suzanne has the tenacity to prove it! This lady holds over ten years of experience in the world of fashion. Even ahead of securing her BA in Fashion Design she was working as an Assistant Designer. Her success was encapsulated right from the word go – selected to appear in the final of Graduate Fashion Week Catwalk shows. Academic acclaim resulted in her being snapped up by leading fashion designer Edina Ronay before travelling the world as a designer - working for leading high street fashion retailers - as part of her role with one of the UKs largest clothing manufacturers.

From its launch in 2005, Suzanne has stood by her man – bringing her creativity to the boardroom as well as mothering two children. Her manufacturing experience has instigated much of the logistical side of Propability, whilst she’s doubled up as Company Finance Director - overseeing the day-to-day running of the business

It is her understanding of the ethos of the manufacturing and knowledge of production lines, costings, processes and systems, that enables Propability to maximise on productivity. Her shrewd business acumen along with sense of style and knowledge of 'trends' proves she’s by no means just a pretty face!

The team makes us different, we have exceptional knowledge, understanding and personality. It’s not just the particular individuals – it’s the dynamic of the team together, all the different skills. The level of service we give is second to none, the one-to-one is unique, I don’t believe it exists anywhere else. We have exceptional customer service, we bend over backwards.
It’s our company ethos and mission…. 24/7 and total dedication.