Head of Workshop & Fabrication

Propability Ltd Pete Evans Fabrication Specialist, Craftsman, Carpenter, CNC Flatbed Operator, Retail Display Professional Tradesman 599.jpg

A master in the business of fabrication and as loyal as they come!

With an astounding three decades of industry knowledge and nine years at Propability, Pete takes the lead in our workshop.  Managing all the structural and design work, taking charge of the manufacturing team and carefully controlling the distribution and quality of what we produce.  He holds a pivotal role acting as a consultant between the design processes and providing technical and practical input for production. His perspective of what's required in order to manufacturer design concepts is a vital component to our success. He is adept at looking at the complexities of producing something, alongside how strong it has to be and the desired aesthetic look of a piece. The more complex the job, the more involved Pete will become.

Before Propability the breadth of his experience was  across large national retailers, supermarkets and high end furniture and display brands. Holding over 33 years of carpentry and joinery expertise from the tree to the final finished product, he is also responsible for training at Propability. Having worked across all aspects of the trade and originally trained by hand, when it comes to flat sheet material, MDF and Ply there is nothing this man doesn’t know how to do!

I see things in 3D, broken down into component parts, this literally enables me to visualise how to manufacture something to life. The old knowledge comes in handy – giving the insight to produce to budget in the best possible way. The industry has changed over the years, it was high spec in the old days now its optimum value and lowest cost in the quickest time.