Electrician & Acrylic Specialist 

Propability Ltd Oliver Layne, Electrician & Acrylic Specialist, Visual Display and Visual Merchandise, Retail 523.jpg

Bringing the light to our business and literally making plastic fantastic!

With the company since 2010, Oliver brings over 30 years of acrylic fabrication expertise to the business. He is a certified electrician and electronics specialist and essentially is our answer to it all!   He enjoys variety and certainly gets it – as a qualified electrician, having worked in radio and TV servicing he also takes the role of lighting specialist at Propability. Conducting the attention of passers by, he makes sure our displays are seen in the very best of light! 

Much of the work we manufacture and produce is part wood and part acrylic – there is not one day that’s the same – that’s what makes it a great place to work.