Assistant Logistics Project Manager

Propability Ltd Gemma Corder, Design, Retail, Visual Merchandise, Props & Sculpts Specialist 618.jpg

Troubleshooting genius, detail queen and total god send…

Everyone’s answer to everything, Gemma works both upstairs (in the office) and downstairs (in the workshop), is highly in demand yet always bubbly - we pride her on never forgetting a thing!

Her attention to detail is second to none, her dedication is exceptional.  With a background in film and drama she’s in command of a sewing machine but her day-to-day encompasses just about everything. Handling props and costumes, sorting, sourcing, stock taking, costing, quoting, running jobs for all the projects, painting and sewing. Gemma is literally peppered across every end of the business supporting the Project Managers from the start to the end of every day - troubleshooting and accommodating to ensure the job is done.

I feel very lucky to be here, it’s a positive, good fun and creative place to work – everyone bounces ideas off each other. When everything is photographed, wrapped up and ready to go – when its being put into the back of a delivery van – that’s when I step back and feel pride and a sense of relief. That’s when there is nothing more I can do!