October 2014

A classic Christmas card scene just like the ones you used to know

Propability collaborated with the Fenwick of Bond Street Visual Merchandising team to design, produce, manufacture and install props for the flagship London store Christmas windows. The brief involved re-creating a scene from Irving Berlin’s White Christmas musical launch in the West End. 

A production of epic proportion

For the White Christmas musical windows all the magic of the West End production was bought to life in the Bond Street store. Larger-than-life, superbly presented and highly glamorous to best capture the attention of shoppers and passers buy and delivering a taste of sparkle and magic.
Oversized piano keys constructed of MDF and sprayed with high gloss lacquer were positioned as a fluid ribbon travelling throughout the window series to create movement and a musical feel. All manufactured with exquisite detail at our in-house workshop, brilliant fully working snow globes created from perspex formed spheres full of merchandise. The globes provided a unique display solution and a seeming optical illusion when standing in front of the window. Positioned to the front of the window scheme, the effect created an image of the windows being full of Christmas gifts. Twinkling backgrounds created from MDF and sparkly fabric set the backdrop, together with a faux wooden barn structure, velvet rosettes and a rotating giant tree - all taking theme from the stage show.

Tree tops glisten with everything merry and bright

Creating movement, musical ambience and a highly glamorous impression, the window scheme in full effect offers an eye-catching display to capture the attention and interest of passers-by as well as promote the new West End show through both the Bond Street and Brook Street windows.