November 2012

High fashion, high gloss product display

Propability were commissioned by an industry partner to work directly with Louis Vuitton’s architects in Paris and create an intricate and complicated wall product display installation that would add the ‘wow’ factor component to the Selfridges Louis Vuitton Pop-up-Store for the Christmas period. Ensuring a truly spectacular result, in collaboration with our partner and Louis Vuitton, the outcome was not only eye-catching but a truly high-end and elaborate display of gloss, lighting and exquisite product - to draw in and captivate shoppers over the busy holiday period.

A shining spectacle of first class craftsmanship and skill

Manufacturing the many complicated and varied components that would encapsulate the ultimate Louis Vuitton Christmas gift, Propability recreated the unique circular design - inspired by the global Louis Vuitton festive windows scheme ‘Charming Christmas’.. Endless AutoCad technical drawings, structural design and problem solving was required. Our craftsmen created seamless fiberglass moulding finished with super high gloss two tone paint. Steel and aluminum work was also provided together with specialist bespoke lighting, acrylic work and large scale bespoke joinery. 

Exclusive Pop-up-Shop Installation

Overcoming the huge technical challenges required to ensure all components worked together, and perfecting the large scale two tone high gloss spraying, produced an impressive and beautifully unique piece of creative design.

The highly polished and immaculately manufactured pods for product display, were lit up and installed by the Propability team. In addition, the wall panels and engineering design required for the entire structure to come together was also handled by our team of highly specialist joiners,   brought to perfection with the same paint finish as the illuminated product display pods.  Originally planned for a period of three months, the display exceeded expectation and remained in store for a prolonged period.

The display of luxury items requires perfection. Exquisite taste and excellence encapsulated and showcased in high quality craftsmanship and design. Props, displays and fixtures manufactured by Propability add just the right amount of impact to mirror the outstanding items on display. High spec manufacturing design for high end pieces
— Tyrone Cano, Head Honcho, Propability