September 2015

Global #forcefriday merchandise release

For the release of the merchandise around the new Star Wars film – The Force Awakens, Propability were asked by Disney to work under a veil of secrecy to provide sculpts, props and specialist fixtures and features for two flagship stores. Working from the movie trailer, we set about sketching up Star Wars themed archway designs and fixtures for the Oxford Street store, as well as creating three brand new sculpts.   

A new TIE Fighter comes to life for the first time in our workshop

Creating a replica of the latest TIE Fighter, our team created this impressive sculpt within 10 days. Measuring 1400mm from top of wing to bottom, it was hung above a fixture in store that was initially created for Spider-Man and refurbished to create a Star Wars 'look'. To match the refurbished fixture a second fixture was designed and installed with adjustable shelves to fit the Disney Store shop fittings.

Creating the BB-8 Droid

The paint work on the new BB-8 Droid alone took over 5 days – we were incredibly pleased with the results. As a backdrop two illuminated archways were created – one surrounds an existing wall bay unit and the other creates an immersive walkway for shoppers to help create a Star Wars environment / experience.

Rey’s Speeder

This impressive vehicle was created using a model toy replica as well as images found on the internet. It was made to full size and to be durable and safe enough to allow people to mount it as a new interactive photo opportunity feature at the Disney Store Oxford Street. Going to great lengths to capture as much detail as possible to mimic the film version, it features Rey’s staff and bag as well as a net full to the brim of scavenged objects. Leaving no detail to the imagination, we recorded the sound of the Speeder from the movie trailer to enable it to come to life at the push of a button. Simultaneously the button also makes the Jet engines at the rear light up!  It really could be from a galaxy far, far away…...


This was a special opportunity. Despite the fact we are accustomed to delivering in short time frames and have been working with Disney for almost a decade, being involved and trusted as a valued partner for this project really was fantastic. The team here that worked on the project, delivered with sheer enthusiasm and delight. This project really was a pleasure and honour to be involved with for both our designers and the craftsman in the workshop.
— Tyrone Cano, Head Honcho, Propability


In the press

There was a media frenzy that surrounded #forcefriday merchandise sales. The commotion online, in the media and in-stores worldwide was incredible:


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