Sept 2018

New Arrivals packaged and delivered for London Fashion Week

For London Fashion week the team at Fenwick Bond Street were looking for a certain ‘just in’ scheme to the window display. The ‘new arrivals’ windows show crates which have been positioned alongside wooden boxes and pallets to produce a look and feel that says from catwalk to store. Propability provided 30 standard pallets in total and made bespoke crates to house mannequins dressed in this season’s must haves. The crates were backed with luxurious fabric, nodding to the high fashion contents with padded back boards and lush backings oozing glamour and luxury.  The pallets, stacked on top of one another to provide height and interest have mannequins positioned on top. Propability sourced off the shelf wooden boxes as well as vinyl. Shredded paper scattered on the floor together with a back wall covered in bubble wrap which was stretched and stapled to timber batons completes the wrapped, packed and delivered to store direct from fashion week theme.