November 2017

A fantastic glittering snowy winter wonderland with TY at Hamleys

The TY Christmas windows at Hamleys for 2017 offer a glimpse into the world of the TY Beanie Boo’s winter wonderland. The windows depict a magical environment, where above and below ground level the Beanie Boo’s are playing and having fun in their unique Christmas habitat.

With everything covered in ice and snow and crystallised with frost it’s a very cold theme above ground and a warm and comforting theme below. On the upper section of one window a frosty tree covered in snow is the playground for the Beanie Boos. A door and canopy with steps coming down opens the eyes to the inner world of underground burrows - depicting a series of scenes with the characters in the underside of the tree house in various rooms. Small highly elaborate details with lots of mechanical animation bring the magic of the windows to life. The colours, iridescent glitter and snow winter wonderland sparkly blues all provide a cold theme above ground in contrast with the warmth of the burrows below the surface.