July 2019

Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts arrive in themed environment windows  

The brief was to showcase as much merchandise as possible – especially the hugely popular wands – Propability designed and created a display case in window one to be as large as possible and really create a eye catching feature.  False walls were clad with vac-formed stone work with everything painted into shades of white and light grey. In another window a vault-themed design was delivered – making sure the scene was more generic and not a direct copy of the scene from the Fantastic Beasts film. Engraved sheets of aluminium composite were used to create the illusion of vault drawers and safety boxes. Brass handles were attached along with some fake drawers to hold product. The window needed to feature the Nifflers plush toys - a perfect setting for the little ‘magpie’ - like beasts that love shiny things.