February 2019

Hamleys – Interactive ‘You can be anything’ Barbie area 

An interactive Barbie area for Hamleys brings full blown Barbie fashion and pink panache to the store. A Hamleys gondola clad with high-finish spray, printed graphics and lacquer features a 42" TV with an interactive game where you can select your doll and her fashions! Bringing the multimedia sensory impact, a ceiling mounted projector displays a spinning Barbie and 'You Can Be Anything logo'. In addition, a bespoke fixture with concealed lockable castors was based on Barbie indoor and outdoor playsets and set against a semi-transparent yellow live-edge acrylic backdrop with the fixture below designed with adjustable shelves and finished in high-spec spray and lacquer. 

Finally, a black Barbie Collectors cabinet was created to display Barbie collector doll boxes and products as well as a special wall bay dressed with light box headers, plinths and lit display cases. Stands were created for the different size dolls to fit in.