January 2015

Andrei Robu collaboration inspired by the tradition of the store

Propability were delighted to be called in by colleagues at the Fenwick of Bond Street Visual Merchandising team to design, produce, manufacture and install props for the “Here I Am”, window scheme. The words “Here I Am”, were declared by John James ‘Jim’ Fenwick when he first stepped through the doors of the Bond Street store in 1891. For Propability it was fantastic to be a part of this historical and spectacular display in conjunction with Typographer, Andrei Robu.  

Providing a ‘wow’ to awesomely bright, striking and strong print

The window concept was based around Andrei Robu’s typography with Propability providing an additional ‘wow factor’ to the scheme by supplying four rotating mechanised wheels to display product - all fabricated in house at our workshop. Although each wheel produced had the same mechanism and MDF stand the individual product display aspect varied accordingly to ‘house’ the relevant merchandise. Propability created the structure, motors, nuts and bolts required to design the mechanical aspects of the wheels which rotated at three and a half revolutions per minute.

Creating movement to showcase product with a funfair feel

The window scheme consisted of six displays in total running the length of the store. A ‘hosiery’ wheel displayed 16 single legs with different stockings rotating; a denim wheel, with 6 pairs of legs facing forward held jeans; a nail varnish wheel; and a handbag and shoes wheel, which was manufactured using special cradles to ensure the actual products remained upright.

Propability ensured that each base unit was tailored for the varied horizontal plain of the store’s façade – creating a perfect eye-line of rotating merchandise in full glory.  The project was such a success that Fenwick plans on commissioning more wheels for future displays!