October 2013

A magical, mystical immersive VM experience

Propability were asked to design, produce samples, manufacture, deliver and install a shopping environment / experience inspired by the Disney film ‘Frozen’ for the European Disney Flagship Store Interior. Propability created a ‘Frozen’ cave shopping environment that stunned shoppers and perfectly captured the imagination of the thousands of children shopping at the Disney store daily. It was a perfect, immersive environment as well as a practical merchandising display solution.

Life size sculpt of Anna welcomes children

The cave included shelving and prongs for product, edge lit snowflake panels, hundreds of sparkles and twinkling lights interwoven between white twigs forming a magical canopy which was finished with hanging jewels. An edge-lit engraved window frame, inspired by Elsa’s ice palace in the film, featured continuous replayed footage of the princess appearing, freezing the screen and disappearing.  This solution created another feature and allowed Propability to include both main characters within the budget. There was also a suspended snowflake archway formed in edge-lit acrylic, a real size sculpt of Anna (one of the principal characters in the film) a beautiful Nordic sleigh and an animated Olaf the snowman.

Sculpted in polystyrene and sheathed in Class 0 fire rated fibreglass, the entire cave construction covered a space of approximately 12m x 5m squared. The polystyrene fibre glass structure was constructed in 14 pieces and scenically painted, then finished with a clear fire resistant lacquer and iridescent glitter to give it an icy look.

Due to its size, the structure was sculpted in sections, with Propability designers creating innovative methods of hiding and camouflaging the joins once the cave was fully composed and positioned in store. It took 6 trucks to deliver all the pieces to the Oxford Street location due to the bespoke size and shape of each piece. Utmost care and precision was required to ensure damage limitation in transport.

Craftsmanship for Christmas that extended way beyond the festive season

Originally installed for the Christmas period, the retail environment was a huge success and due to the popularity of the display and the subsequent global acclaim of the film the installation was kept for a further 3 months in Oxford Street and then dismantled, adapted and installed by Propability to fit the Disney Store Westfield White City where it still sits today.