November 2016


Together with the Hamleys VM Team, a set of windows were created to produce a colourful mechanical display of elves working in Santa’s factory. For shoppers making the journey from Regent street to Oxford street the windows tell a story of toys being made in Santa’s workshop. Using mechanical animation the toys are sent on a journey from one window to the next. Each window features movement with all the individual elements within the display created either in MDF or on the Propability robotic arm before being painted by scenic artists.

Light, colour and movement really bring the scene to life with cogs spinning, dials turning, elves rotating and toys moving throughout. Carriages move back and forth with sculpted elves which stand around 700cm tall. Clever use of rotating motors with adapted RPM and gears allow for the various pull mechanisms and chains to speed up or slow down the animated parts. The grand finale - two animated life size reindeers stand at 1.2 meter tallas their heads move back and forth, its a wonder for children delighted and charmed by the magic and wonder of Christmas.